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          About Dog911 ~

We are an 'All Pet Emergency Training', prevention care, & disaster preparedness program where the common layperson can be comfortableperforming triage on any animal.

The inspiration that spawned DogE911 came as a result of hitting
& killing a loose dog on the freeway in early 2007.  This was a 
life-altering experience that developed into an extensive training
curriculum on disaster planning & response, first aid & holistic remedies, & critical care techniques. 

There is NO animal 911 hotline, so we offer an all-encompassing
course including pocket pets, fish, birds, reptiles, horses &
farm animals, along with the more common dogs & cats.  DogE911 will give every type of animal owner a sense of preparation in 
case of an emergency.
Genéte M. Bowen
Founder & Trainer

Genete says, 
"Be Your Own 
First Responder!"