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Dog911 & IFCF Paws~
DogE911 has partnered with International Firefighter Cancer Foundation in an attempt to save lives. 

International Firefighter Cancer Foundation (IFCF) works to extinguish fire fighter Cancer by providing support 
& resources, outreach, fundamental education, & advocacy.  One of their newest divisions is FFCF Paws, & its goal is to bring awareness to canine rescuer 
& handler health concerns & exposures, while providing education on animal care & planning 
as part of the family Cancer strategy for survival. 

Genete M. Bowen of DogE911, has been appointed as IFCF Paws Division Director.  DogE911's goal is 
to reach a broader base than just pet owners & animal professionals by targeting our first responders, 
thus making a difference for animals impacted during emergency situations. 

Genete will also be instrumental in helping to increase canine Cancer awareness for fire fighter families, & will help in finding sponsorships to fund pet breathing masks for fire trucks across the nation.

Please donate to equip fire trucks with animal oxygen masks in your area.  A set of three masks 
(small, medium, & large) costs $80.  No donation is too small when it comes to potentially saving the life of 
an animal! We work with partner Project Breathe for FREE pet O2 mask donations.

* Contact DogE911, or click on the purple firehose & 
go to the IFCF website for further details.
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A  fireman's code is to protect or save lives, 
& safeguard property.  

Genete says, 
"Animals are valuable lives that also need protection!"  

Newest division under IFCF Paws is our SD2 Program (Shelter Dog To Service Dog) which uses rescued dogs to detect Cancer & other diseases early on in our firefighters & their families.  Contact us or click on the yellow button to find out more!