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Dog911's Photo Gallery~

All photos are copyrighted & courtesty of 'Photography by Jeff Bowen'.  To learn more about our amazing photographer, please see our DogE911 Staff page.

Genete M. Bowen performing pet massage therapy & instructing onlookers at the Petapolooza event in Atlanta, GA. (May 2008)
Genete M. Bowen instructing students on animal CPR during a training course. (Nov. 2008)
Youth assistant, Christina George, stands in front of a press conference at the California State Capitol for Animal Lobby Day. (Feb. 2009)
Genete & Christina hold an ASPCA sign during a press conference at Animal Lobby Day in Sacramento, CA. (Feb. 2009)
On the steps of the California State Capitol for a press conference about Animal Lobby Day featuring Assemblyman Pedro Nava. (Feb. 2009)
Genete & Tina meet Senator Abel Maldonado at the California State Capitol during Animal Lobby Day. (Feb. 2009)
Christina (holding book) & Genete in front of the State Capitol in Sacramento, CA. (Feb. 2009)
Genete M. Bowen gives pet massage instruction during the Animal Planet Expo in Atlanta, GA. (April 2009)
Nadia, a Canine Companion dog, was the best helper of the day for pet massage demos. (Animal Planet Expo, GA April 2009)
Genete M. Bowen poses with Bobaji & his owner at the Georgia airport. Bobaji has traveled with his owner all around the country. (Aug. 2009)
Genete M. Bowen poses with Chucky, a rescued bait dog of the Michael Vick dog fighting ring. (Aug. 2009)
Meeting Rescue Ink's Joe during the National Geographic's premiere party in 2009.
Meeting Big Ant of Rescue Ink after assisting with an underground railroad rescue event for animals in GA. (2009)
Worked with Wayne Pacelle of HSUS during the Micheal Vick property auction to help raise funds for the dogs he used in fighting rings.
Met Celebrity Dog Trainer Victoria Stillwell at HSUS function.
Aiding an ill pup.
Working with the America's Dog Whisperer team while they were in CA. (2009)
Pup is curious while Genete performs life-saving technique.
Working with HSUS N-DART professionals.
Youth assistant Katie Landreth poses with Liesel.
Genete & Katie teach critical care on pets.
Dog lifeguards Tina & Katie.
Tina keeps animals safe in the pool.
Katie plays with a dog during Splash Days.
Katie hangs with Penny.
Christina works with Congresswoman Lois Capps.
Katie learns about bird care.
Katie gets love from an adoptable pup during a function.
Genete, Christina, & Katie attend a fundraising benefit to help homeless pets.
Leslie Torres. Jr Vet youth, cuddles with Liesel.
Leslie Torres loves animals.
Genete & DogE911 Jr Vets pose during a pet event.
Meeting Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee during Arroyo Grande' s Historical event. Gretta Grams (Genete & Gretta) were a featured performer.
Leslie & Katie help promote Gretta during the Centennial parade.
Gretta Grams waves to the crowd.
Fire Rescue International expo & work with Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation.
FRI event.
Genete & Chloe of DogE911.
Jr Vets pose with Gretta & Penny.
Christina holds Gretta.
Genete M. Bowen of DogE911.
Gretta Grams performing during Dogtoberfest event.
Youth assistant Regina Mariscal.
Das Williams disaster fair in Santa Barbara county.
Genete poses with youth Regina & Tina holding Chloe.
Santa Barbara Fire.
CHP attends Das Williams event.
Genete with youth Regina, Katie, & Leslie.
HART concert dinner function hosted by DogE911.
Jr Vets dance to the bands.
Katie & Regina bond with Genete's Doxies.
Regina holds Penny.
Genete, Christina, & Chloe get ready to appear on Charter CNN channel.
Brad Pomerance interviews Genete M. Bowen of DogE911.
American Red Cross disaster fair, DogE911 educates on Animal Triage & Disaster Response.
Gretta, the Dachshund Diva, gives kisses to thank interviewer Brad.
Gretta Grams performs on CNN Charter Local Edition.
Genete M. Bowen demonstrates using a pet O2 mask on Chloe at an event.
Fire crews & Police K9 Units are thankful for their new tools from Project Breathe to help assist animals.
Police K9 Units need DogE911 training & pet masks in case of an emergency. The handlers are their dogs partner so they need to be ready to save their life.
Scott's Valley Fire Dept. is happy with their donation from Project Breathe.
Genete shows firefighters how to give oxygen to pets during critical care times.
Genete, along with youth Regina & Liesel, show a fireman how to administer O2.
Firefighters learn Animal Triage during a demonstration given by Genete M. Bowen.
San Luis Obispo County Fire & SLO Sheriff's Departments pose with DogE911 after receiving their donations.
Jr Vet youth Lavonne Ball & Jade Sigmund explain Animal Triage as Mayor O'Mally looks on.
Atascadero Police K9 Units & Fire Dept, with the assistance of Mayor O'Mally, appreciate Doge911's support.
DogE911 Jr Vets host a booth on Animal Response at a disaster fair.
Genete works with Jr Vets to explain what to do during a pet emergency.
DogE011 Jr Vets work with educating the public.
Genete, holding Chloe- who has helped train many across the nation, & youth Bianca Diaz host a booth & teach at Pet Boarding & Grooming Expo.
DogE911 is thrilled to host a training seminar for fire, rescue, law enforcement, military, & trauma specialists at CFedWest in 2015.
Genete & her Jr Vets teach Animal CPR basics.
Genete M. Bowen educates fire crews about DogE911, Project Breathe, & Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation.
Sheriff Officer assists Genete in CPR demo. Sheriff's & Search & Rescue Units need this life-saving training for the K9s under their care.
Genete & youth pose during a disaster fair event.
Project Breathe & DogE911 doing great work to help first responders assist animals in emergency situations.
Fire Velo Firefighter Cycling team works with DogE911 annually as they cycle across the state of CA.
Genete & Jr Vet Tyler Krieder use Chloe to demo how to check a dog's vital signs.
Jr Vets Diego Alcarez & Crystal Cabanas (with youth Lesly Diaz) earn their Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Awards under DogE911.
Lavonne Ball, Jr Vet Youth Director, poses with Genete after receiving her Presidential Volunteer Service Award at the Silver level.
DogE911 works with Shrtty Rossi of Animal Planet at the San Diego Pet Expo.
Jr Vets pose with a fire dog & our fire pup Liesel at an event.
DogE911 helps lend a hand to many animal functions in need of assistance.
Splash Days is one of the Jr Vets favorite events.
DogE911 works the parade to advertise for CCSPCA"S annual Santa Paws fundraising function.
Genete, with Jr Vets & Chloe, thank Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson for her support of Animal Legislation.
Genete & Jr Vet Lesly Diaz with Chloe, help rally support for passage of Bill AB797. This legislation helps animals trapped in hot cars, & protects citizens as well as fire crews wanting to assist.
DogE911 youth & Liesel (a puppy mill survivor) protest to end the cruel practice of Puppy Mills.
DogE911 Jr Vets work alongside Red Cross to help animals & their owners during a disaster.
DogE911 crew, along with the Bowen Doxies, pose with Santa & Mrs. Claus.
Jr Vets pose with Santa & wear masks to protect from the Thomas Fire smoke. Many of these youth & others would aid Genete in the months ahead working with displaced animals.
Jr Vets Yadira Solano & Lesly Diaz run the DogE911 booth while Genete teaches a seminar.
DogE911 crew pose during an agility trial event. Genete is on scene in case there are any complications.
DogE911 crew lifeguards for the Splash Days event fundraiser.
Jr Vet Tyler Krieder kisses a willing Ewe. DogE911 is here to assist ALL animals!

Enjoy these some of our youth assistants, see some of the folks we have meet in our travels, check out some of the many events we have attended, & share our excitement for DogE911.
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