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Dog911's Photo Gallery~

All photos are copyrighted & courtesty of 'Photography by Jeff Bowen'.  To learn more about our amazing photographer, please see our DogE911 Staff page.

Genete M. Bowen performing pet massage therapy & instructing onlookers at the Petapolooza event in Atlanta, GA. (May 2008)
Genete M. Bowen instructing students on animal CPR during a training course. (Nov. 2008)
Youth assistant, Christina George, stands in front of a press conference at the California State Capitol for Animal Lobby Day. (Feb. 2009)
Genete & Christina hold an ASPCA sign during a press conference at Animal Lobby Day in Sacramento, CA. (Feb. 2009)
On the steps of the California State Capitol for a press conference about Animal Lobby Day featuring Assemblyman Pedro Nava. (Feb. 2009)
Genete & Christina meet Senator Abel Maldonado at the California State Capitol during Animal Lobby Day. (Feb. 2009)
Christina (holding book) & Genete in front of the State Capitol in Sacramento, CA. (Feb. 2009)
Genete M. Bowen gives pet massage instruction during the Animal Planet Expo in Atlanta, GA. (April 2009)
Nadia, a Canine Companion dog, was the best helper of the day for pet massage demos. (Animal Planet Expo, GA April 2009)
Genete M. Bowen poses with Bobaji & his owner at the Georgia airport. Bobaji has traveled with his owner all around the country. (Aug. 2009)
Genete M. Bowen poses with Chucky, a rescued bait dog of the Michael Vick dog fighting ring. (Aug. 2009)

Enjoy these some of our youth assistants, see some of the folks we have meet in our travels, check out some of the many events we have attended, & share our excitement for DogE911.