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About Genete M. Bowen~
Genete is a pet owner, an animal lover & advocate, Pet Massage Therapist, Animal EMT...& the founder of DogE911 where all animal lovers can be their ‘Own First Responder’.

Genete is a certified Medical Massage Therapist that has specialized in working with chronic pain conditions since 1997.  After her tragic accident in 2007, she began a secondary career path performing Animal Massage Therapy.  This was a choice that was much more rewarding 
than working with humans by aiding pets with issues such as Arthritis, paralyzation, anxiety, socialization, & serious illnesses like Cancer.  

Genete has taught for the American Red Cross Dog & Cat First Aid program, & holds a Humane Society of the United States N-DART (National Disaster Animal Response Team) certificate.  Her desire to help animals also lead her to become an Animal Paramedic.  DogE911 is also 
a member of VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster).

Genete has been featured in numerous newspapers, on radio & TV news programs,  written for magazines & books, worked & spoken at many high-profile animal events, & has attended pet & fire / rescue conferences throughout the nation.

Genete is an animal advocate on national pet disaster preparedness laws, & has even spoken at the California State Capitol.  She has worked on many disasters involving animals, & has seen first hand the devastation that comes from a lack of preparation.  Genete also focuses a spotlight on the looming home foreclosure crisis that has severed so many pets from their families.

For her work with animals & disaster response, Genete has received local state legislature & national congressional awards, & in 2010 she 
was honored with the coveted President's Award

Genete believes that youth are the key to the future for helping to make altering changes in the lives of our pet population.  Her Jr Vet Program nurtures & mentors our animal loving youth thereby focussing & channeling their inner drive to help animals.  

Genete's newest endeavor is educating our first responders on animal triage & disaster response thus making a difference for animals impacted during emergency situations. She believes her DogE911 brainchild is the missing piece of the puzzle equalling more education about all types of animals.

Genete currently lives in Central California with her husband & 4 Dachshunds (two of which are rescues), & has high hopes for the future with her many animal endeavors.