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FULL COURSE: (8 hour class for $125)

  • Animal Disaster Planning & Response
  • Identifying What Is Normal & Preventative Care
  • First Aid Basics & Assessment
  • Triage First Aid
  • Time-Sensitive Issues
  • Holistic Care & Alternative Remedies
  • Testing & Certification
Dog911 Curriculum~ 

We offer two basic packages, which are listed below.  

One is a Full Training Course, ie; 'the whole kitchen
sink', whereas the other is Critical Care only.  

We also can tailor classes for individual or groups with specific needs, & give discounted rates for rescue / shelter organizations & returning students who wish to renew certification. 

* DogE911 offers a variety of seminars / speaking engagements to promote animal care & disaster preparedness.  We can custom tailor a program for your requirements. just let us know what you require. 

Applicable Speaker & / or Travel Fees will be assessed on 
an individual basis. 

* A DogE911 complete training online course is in the works, 
please check back for further updates!

CRITICAL CARE COURSE: (5-to-6 hour class for $95)

Geared primarily toward first responders, in addition
to animal care givers / handlers. Large departments get special pricing! 

Includes all of the above except:
Animal Disaster Planning, Preventative Care, Holistic Care, & Alternative Remedies.
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DogE911 Extras~

Seminars / Speaking / Travel Fees are determined 
by Founder, Genéte M. Bowen.  
Fees begin at set rates & will be adjusted accordingly.  Most Speaking Fees start at $75.  Travel Fees are based on distance commuting.   
Please check our Calendar page for 
upcoming classes / Seminars!