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About Animal Massage~ 
Massage therapy techniques have been around for centuries, but only in recent years have we began to understand the benefits for animals.  

With the overwhelming increase in the human-animal bond & more holistic care offered toward helping pets, massage seems a natural addition in their lives.  Here at DogE911 
we offer massage sessions, training, & hands-on demonstrations, along with alternative & holistic 
advice / instruction in our Full Training Course

Genéte M. Bowen is an Animal Massage Therapist that has used massage techniques to aid pets suffering with a variety of ailments.

Massage has many benefits for all animals, 
some of which are listed below:

  * Emphasizes the bond between human & animal.

  * Alerts you to changes in your pets health.

  * Calms & soothes your animal.

  * Builds socialization skills, & teaches your animal to be 
  handled (this helps with vet visits, nail clippings, 
  grooming, etc.) 

  * Aides with anxiety, fear, & aggression.  Abused pets can 
  greatly benefit from the healing power of touch.  

  * Relaxes muscles in active animals, & prevents strain 
  & injury. 

  * Aides arthritic pets & aging animals from pain. 

  * Increases blood circulation & supports joint health.

  * Boosts pets immune system, helping to fight off disease. 

  * Relieves stress & tension, lowers blood pressure & 
  heart rate, along with releasing endorphins. 

  * Improves digestion, & aides animals suffering 
  with seizures. 

  * Helps animals recovering from surgery & diminishes 
  scar tissue.

  * Aides pets with serious illness, & helps recovery 
  from paralyzation. 

  DogE911 believes every animal deserves 
a massage...won't you treat them to one today! 

* Contact Genéte 
for an animal massage, 
or to set up a seminar!  

Massage Sessions come in 
10 to 45 minute packages, 
which are basically a dollar 
a minute.  We recommend 
at least a half hour for
 larger animals.  Seminars are from 1 to 3 hours long 
& include varied instruction, hand outs, & demonstration.  Rates are listed below.  Travel Fees may also be assessed.