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About Gretta Grams~
Genete & Gretta, the Singin' Swingin' Doxie, make up the 
dynamic duo of Gretta Grams

We offer a singing telegram service that showcases the powerful bond between humans & animals, while shining a spotlight on the plight of animals worldwide.  Genete & Gretta perform Big Band / Swing tunes in a light-hearted & humorous way.  

While singing for local Big Band & Jazz groups, Genete discovered her beloved Dachshund Gretta also had a love for 
this type of music.  We have cultivated her talents & have performed at parties, pet events, retirement centers, & for 
many holiday celebrations. 

Gretta matches pitch & changes her facial expressions as she sings.  She is quite the little diva, & Genete believes Gretta has 
the soul of a jazz singer from long ago!  We also are working 
on writing our own music to help educate about animal 
care, rights, & advocacy. 

Genete & Gretta both have powerful voices, & sing / speak 
for those that have NO voice...the animals!


We are based in Santa Maria, CA & can be hired for live in-person events for a cost of $35 for two songs.  We are available for longer 
performances at an additional charge, & travel costs will be assessed 
if applicable. 

Gretta Grams also offers entertainment services via SKYPE for those unable to attend a live performance.  Please contact us for further information!  * A portion of all proceeds goes toward our DogE911 
Jr Vet Program or the IFCF Paws Program.  

Please see our Videos page for an example of our talents!  You have to see Gretta perform, to really believe it.  She is a true Dachshund Diva!
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Gretta Grams are usually about 
15 to 20 minutes.  
This involves reading a card which includes your special message & performing two songs commemorating your personal event or celebration.  Skpyed Gretta Grams include everything except hands on time with the Dachshund Diva.  

Travel & Extended 
Performance Fees 
will be added if necessary.