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Welcome To DogE911~

by Gretta Bowen on 02/05/12

Thank you for visiting our little corner of the world wide web! 

My sisters & I, along with my humans' help, will be educating you in the coming weeks on a wide variety of animal first aid, disaster planning, holistic remedies, animal laws, & many other topics.  Not only will my canine brothers & sisters benefit from this information, but all other species of animals will as well. 

Feel free to poke around our site, visit the many pages, & send us an email if you have further questions or comments.  We'll be sure to do our best to answer the long & short of your questions (we Dachshunds are good for the long, ha!). 

From our family of animals to yours,


Comments (4)

1. Antoinette Carpenter said on 2/6/12 - 10:53AM
I am so happy to finally see a website that will begin to help families with disasters and their pets. Having the right tools and knowing what resources to use in an emergency has saved my dogs on more than one occasion. I have know Genete for many years and she is an avid pet lover and does so many things to help animals and their owners. Most recently, I had a puppy that decided to eat a poison mushroom out of the field. I called Genete, and she informed on what to do to make the puppy vomit the substance, and therefore saving his life. I am excited to learn more about this training, and how to send pet owners to this site to learn more as well. Again, thanks to Genete for her help, and good luck with educating every one on pet first aid and disaster recovery!!
2. Linda Wright said on 2/7/12 - 06:37AM
i too, have semi-regular pet 911's with my pets. I recently acquired a rat terrier puppy who likes to eat everything. I am thankful to Genete's guidance for things like this always happen on the weekend.
3. arlene nunes day said on 2/16/12 - 09:54PM
Genete, Greta is soooo cute , cant wait to see you next week !!too catch up & start getting educated! Love ya ! arlene
4. Annie & Hartley boy said on 2/26/12 - 08:39PM
Hello sweet Greta !!! how very exciting this is for all of you !!! Hartley and I are high five-ing you paws up ! and cant wait to hear more about all of this ! We will be getting the word out too WooF !! way to go love you all lots tail wags ! hugs and doxie kisses !! Annie and hart xoxoxoxo

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